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Ok, lately I’m so addicted to FFXIV : A Realm Reborn… and yes, with my SMT4 companions, we got all Flynn (DLC blonde hair version. Sadly there is no ponytail hairstyle.), Jonathan and Walter in Mi’qote tribe (cat :D).

Funny enough, we found one black mage girl kept staring at us in Santa dress for a long time. Wondering that maybe she also plays SMT4? haha XD

We’re playing in server Tonberry (JP). If you also play in this server, let’s be friend! :D (My character is named Walter Raykit).

(Yes, we play this to response to our beloved of these three Samurai, and for WalxJo craziness too „= =„)

lorochi asked:

Hello! How's your SMTIV manga-reading thingy going right now? Honestly though, I wish to get my own copy too... :3

Honestly though… I can’t read Japanese haha XD;; I can read only few words, Hiragana and Katakana (remember some Kanji). I wish I could read the manga.

Maybe you should try getting one from CDJapan? They got both manga and ship international with many shipping methods :)

- Demonic Gene
- Prayers

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