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How to register Tora No Ana.

I tried to register at the website with my friend and got so confused with registration, as we’re not very familiar with Japanese. So I tried to work around the translation of registration page.

Disclaimer, translation is made by using translation website like Google and Bing, and with my test with postal code address search system. So they might have some mistake in translation.
In 2nd photo is a page when you click button 住所・郵便番号検索 to use postal code for searching district in Kanji and Katakana.

I hope this is useful more or less.
* However Tora No Ana do not ship oversea. You may use service they suggest at this guide: .

Ok, lately I’m so addicted to FFXIV : A Realm Reborn… and yes, with my SMT4 companions, we got all Flynn (DLC blonde hair version. Sadly there is no ponytail hairstyle.), Jonathan and Walter in Mi’qote tribe (cat :D).

Funny enough, we found one black mage girl kept staring at us in Santa dress for a long time. Wondering that maybe she also plays SMT4? haha XD

We’re playing in server Tonberry (JP). If you also play in this server, let’s be friend! :D (My character is named Walter Raykit).

(Yes, we play this to response to our beloved of these three Samurai, and for WalxJo craziness too „= =„)

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